1. Missy


Breed: Quarter Horse

Missy is our barn princess who loves to be pampered. She is a sassy girl with the biggest heart, and will always take care of you while in a lesson or the show ring. Once she has a few days off though, she loves to play hard to get in the pond.

4. Yube


Breed: Quarter Horse

Yube is our ultimate beginner horse who loves to take care of all the kids in and out of the riding ring. In his free time when he is not teaching beginners Yube likes to play in the pond and stroll around the property grazing on grass.   


7. Lola

Breed: Quarter Horse


Lola, who we affectionately call  Potato, is our barn  couch potato. She lives the good life out in the field 24/7, but will happily come out for a trail ride or beach trip whenever given the opportunity. 

10. Buster

Breed: Quarter Horse

Buster is our oldest horse at the barn. He is still going strong at 34 years young. A true gentleman and sweetheart, Buster happily lives his life roaming free around the barn always ready to say hello to new visitors and looking for snacks. 

2. Chip


Breed: Quarter Horse 

Chip is our pro western and trail riding horse who we like to refer to as "husband safe". This handsome man will cater to any of your needs whether its a trail ride or strutting right into the show ring. 

5. Willow

Breed: Quarter Horse Cross

We wanted to add someone new to the lesson horse team! Willow is our newest and smallest addition. Don't let her size fool you, she has one of the biggest personalities!

8. Misty


Breed: Standardbred 

Misty is our barn grandpa and the last horse that was born on our property. He used to frequently participate in Standardbred races, but is now happily retired. His goofy personality and floppy lips captures the heart of everyone who meets him. 

11. Lara



Breed: Quarter Horse

Lara is the true definition of "alpha female" and is the boss of her herd, but she is sure to win the heart of anyone who meets her. She enjoyed an extensive show career with success in everything from hunter/ equitation, jumpers, dressage, and even western. Lara's favorite things include eating snacks, riding tackless, jumping, trail riding and hanging out with her friends. 

3. Jersey


Breed: Quarter Horse

Jersey is our barn bachelor who lives up to the true meaning of a pony. He has a big attitude, but his fancy stride will never fail to impress the judges in the show ring. 

6. Remington


Breed: American Warmblood

Remington is our old pro. He's a been there done that kind of guy who knows his way around a show ring. He is also one of our biggest horses standing at 17.2 hands. 

9. Jenny

Breed: Quarter Horse

Jenny came to us from the University of Findlay western program. After years of helping us with lessons and trail rides she now is semi retired and living out in the field 24/7 along with Misty, Lola,  Willow, and Missy. 

12. Disco


Breed: Thoroughbred

Disco is the baby of the barn at just three years old, but where he lacks in age he makes up for in height. He was recently adopted from New Vocations in Kentucky and is in the process of being retrained from race horse to show horse. Disco is a sweet, curious boy who loves to take naps and make new friends. 

13. Bianca


Breed: Thoroughbred 

Bianca, who also goes by Binky, is your stereotypical chestnut OTTB mare. She is moody and can give some sour faces when she wants, but her heart is the size of the moon for the right people. After being rescued she found a new career in the jumper ring. When she is not showing she enjoys trail rides, belly scratches, playing with her hula hoop, and begging for treats out her stall window.